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IRC CLIENT (aprox 123 kb) 3728 lines 75 pages


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The code for my IRC client. irc2.5.1.0.au3

Compiled version run this to get the include files which will end up at %programfiles%\Adam1213\


Connect 4

Different colours for server messages, your messages and others messages.

Converts low level irc to higher level to proccess it further (makes it easy to write functions)

Colours, faces

Multiple room support

Userlist (menu when you click on it)

Makes it easy to do channel managing

Can flash when a message is received

Plays a sound when you send a message and when a message arrives.

Does ping, finger, time, version replies

Links, [[wiki links]]

GUI for settings

writes some settings to registry (connection, password encrpted, nick, default room)

The other settings are written to an ini (this allows sharing settings without sharing the things you dont want to)

msgbox, tray commands

Version does not use call

I did the settings GUI in koda I wrote a program to help write the code for maniplulating everything in the settings GUI. Automate_script_writing_for_irc_0.2.au3

I have 11mb of backups!

I am slowly making changed to it, if anyone has a suggesting please make it!

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Yeah O_o How long did this take to write? :think:

A long time.

I have 10.7 mb of backups (159 backups in total) + programs to make writing it easier (settings GUI saving and reading values was generated by a program I made (a lot of it))

have a look at the html help file for an idea or the comiled one (not updated as much).

I have a version with a feature to work with a bot which I did not include in the version I uploaded.

Also look at connect 4 code (my friend wrote connect 4 http://eonclub.tk)) it adds to the size of the code.

An array to manage the tab userlists and saving properly all the log files still is not in the code, but everything else is....

I started on it 1/12/05

Any ideas for improvements (with code would be really good)

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Bump. I am glad someone else has joined in on communication. I really need a developer for my AutoIt ITS Advanced Client. Perhaps you can check it out, see the www.autoit-its.com link in my signature, and goto the forums and register and post something. I'm sure the other active developers will be thrilled if you deside to help.

Nice script.

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I need a client end guy. No one, and I say NO ONE develops on AdminDB or the Server but me. I get ideas, I add them. Because I am the only one who knows exactly how it all works and I am almost done documenting it. He would build a GUI and work it all out and I would edit it, clean it up so it looks professional. I just need a basics guy.

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