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WinActivate doesn't function correctly neither in version

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problems with WinActivate started when I downloaded and installed AutoIt I posted a question, and the answer was that the RegEx was broken in and to install Beta or wait for the I opted to wait for the and now I tried again.

When I noticed that the problem persists, I used the simple script below, launched from the latest Scite released, and replicated the problem.

The Chrome version is 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build ) (64 bit); the Windows 10 version is Enterprise, 21H2 build OS 19044.2006.

MsgBox(0, "Version", @AutoItVersion)    ;version

;~ Fails to activate Chrome but returns a valid window handle.
$hndwin = WinActivate("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]")

;~ Activates Chrome and returns a valid window handle.
$hndwin = WinActivate("Google Chrome","")

Is it a Chrome problem, a Windows 10 problem, or an Autoit problem, or I misunderstood something?



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The result is an empty string... Anyway, when I shutdown Chrome and I run winlist again, the _arraydisplay continues to show Tray Assistant, and the only candidate for it is Tray Assistant of the Dropbox which is visible in windows as a process but not visible among tray icons. When I shut it down, the Tray Assistant entry doesn't appear.

What is strange is that Dropbox has nothing to do with Chrome_Widget_Win_1...!

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