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WinActivate doesn't function correctly neither in version

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problems with WinActivate started when I downloaded and installed AutoIt I posted a question, and the answer was that the RegEx was broken in and to install Beta or wait for the I opted to wait for the and now I tried again.

When I noticed that the problem persists, I used the simple script below, launched from the latest Scite released, and replicated the problem.

The Chrome version is 105.0.5195.127 (Official Build ) (64 bit); the Windows 10 version is Enterprise, 21H2 build OS 19044.2006.

MsgBox(0, "Version", @AutoItVersion)    ;version

;~ Fails to activate Chrome but returns a valid window handle.
$hndwin = WinActivate("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]")

;~ Activates Chrome and returns a valid window handle.
$hndwin = WinActivate("Google Chrome","")

Is it a Chrome problem, a Windows 10 problem, or an Autoit problem, or I misunderstood something?



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Okay, it seems if multiple windows match the criteria WinActivate will activate the Windows that matches the criteria and was the last active window.

What is your result when using this?

MsgBox(0, "", WinGetTitle("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]"))


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The result is an empty string... Anyway, when I shutdown Chrome and I run winlist again, the _arraydisplay continues to show Tray Assistant, and the only candidate for it is Tray Assistant of the Dropbox which is visible in windows as a process but not visible among tray icons. When I shut it down, the Tray Assistant entry doesn't appear.

What is strange is that Dropbox has nothing to do with Chrome_Widget_Win_1...!

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