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Short Cut

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I've made a program where you can set shorcuts to your most used programs using a key combination i came up with. I wouldn't mind if some of you could test it out and tell me what you think. i could use some suggestions. Its not to big of a program, it was mostly a learning experiance for me and AutoIt.

Future plans:

Re-program installer

key/key combo for exiting

shortcut key readme and log file

Short Cut GUI

I am in the process of a new version, old one no longer availiable.

Please tell me if you find any errors

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First the criticisms:

- When I ran the installer, it did not prompt/tell me where it installed; and it deleted the ReadMe file!

- I opted for the autostart, and

Msconfig reveals that it created "C:\Program Files\ShortCut\Short Cut 0.8.exe" under the HKLM / Run registry key

But I didn't find the folder.

Also, I have a dual boot system--and my program files directory is actually on drive D:\ (though the C:\ location does exist for my other Windows OS)

- Also, you might want to use a key/key-combo besides Esc for exiting the program because many other programs use the Esc key....

ShorCut 0.8 seems to have promise, though :D

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