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Identifying Username Field in Desktop App That Uses "Internet Explorer_Server" Class


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I am trying automate a logon process for a desktop application. I'm unable to identify the "username" and "password" fields with the window info tool. It shows the app's class is "Internet Explorer_Server." Any suggestions how I can identify the "Username" field and "Password" field? I really only need the "Username" field and then can hit tab key to do the rest if needed. I tried using "MouseClick", which works on my machine, but runs into issues with different resolutions. Hoping there is a way I can identify the username text box and password text box to send the info to. Thanks!

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the "Internet Explorer_Server" class refers to an embedded "browser control" located in the program GUI.
You have to "link" it to a variable in your script and then you can should be able to handle the html controls found on the web page displayed.
You can take a look at the snippet in this post: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/205843-non-control-buttons-and-mouse-clicks/?do=findComment&comment=1482182 ,which probably, by analogy with your situation, should give you a possible way to go. Of course you have to adapt it a little to your "environment"



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