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Filling in Forms using Libcurl.dll ?

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I recognize a small problem filling in forms on html pages with file fields. (e.g. such as on

http://rapidshare.de/) it is just a upload form but you cannot fill in a filepath with the IE.au3 libraray becouse the IE object doesn't support this.

So I found this little programm, which is able to send a "html broadcast"

There are two versions one is commandline version and the second is the dll lib version.

The commandline version does work- but I would although like to implemet it whith the dll


but I havent figured out - how it works.

You call a function whithin the dll an the return value is pointer which points on an array filled with the desired information.

Example of the documentation

#include <curl/curl.h>

char *curl_version( );


Returns a human readable string with the version number of libcurl and some of its important components (like OpenSSL version).


A pointer to a zero terminated string.

But how do I tell autoit to 'read' the pointer????

greetings Mozart90

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