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Hi crew , i try to scrape  a DOM (Deep of Market) of  binance https://www.binance.com/it/trade/BTC_USDT?theme=dark&type=spot ,  i want  a data limit order and market order (i show you what is a DOM look in attach ), this data  continuously change , (some time fast some time slow depend of volatility of market), i look  if  exist a api or websock for do it  but  binance  give only a websocket for have  market price beaten at moment not for a limit order , therfore i ask also in developer forum of  binance and it tell me  unique mode is scrape a site because for the moment not exist a api/websocks for do it .

i never do a script  for scrape,  i look  through a forum  but  i have  many dubt  , for my  goal what is  better??

i think to use  in first  time  curl but is  not possible because not support a stream of data and i must stream a data , maybe  Http udf ??  or  webdriver ??, which is better?

thanks  at all want  answer me  and  all want give me a suggest



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