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TrayTip uses the Description field instead of ProductName

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On Windows 10 the app icon + Description field are used in TrayTip to indicate which application that has made the TrayTip. It would make sense for it to use ProductName, rather than Description. Any way I can make it use ProductName instead?


#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_ProductName=My App Name
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description=Shows a traytip

TrayTip("Attention!", "Have a nice day!", 10)


This should display "My App Name" instead of "Shows a traytip".


To quote MSDN https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/menurc/versioninfo-resource:

FileDescription File description to be presented to users. This string may be displayed in a list box when the user is choosing files to install—for example, Keyboard Driver for AT-Style Keyboards. This string is required.

You wouldn't expect to see "Keyboard Driver for AT-Style Keyboards" in there, instead you'd expect to see something like "Logitech Hub" -- a ProductName.


@Jos Would this qualify as a bug in AutoIt?

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I was wondering, could this be Window's default behavior instead of something that AutoIt is doing? Don't have any C/C++ toolchain on my system to test this hypothesis out.

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