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ReadLines of txt file and assign values for each line one at a time

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Hey Everybody, So I am currently writing a script to help determine outcome probabilities I have most of the script written but where i seem to be running into the difficulties is when trying to read a txt file one line at a time where each line will return the txt from the file and then depending on the number i have if then statements for the script to play out. I have tried every FileReadLine forum post and created a notepad txt file even just for testing called readtest.txt its able to read the first line "13" but then I get ^ Error 1 >Exit code:1 no matter what i do. like I said I've used every test for it that I can find on the forum and still the same happens. I dont even know where to begin at this point because nothing seems to be working. This is where I am at I hope someone can figure out where i go from here or how to accomplish this:

#include <readtest.txt>

$Variable = CurrentLineText

$file = "c:\readtest.txt"


$CurrentLine =1

FileOpen($file, 0)


FileReadLine $CurrentLine

If $Variable = X Then  ;X is any number between 1 and 17

     $Number = X

     $CurrentLine = $CurrentLine + 1

ElseIf $Variable = "Next Set of Actions" Then

     $CurrentLine = $CurrentLine +1

     (Clean Slate) 





           If $Variable = 1 Then

                     $OutCome= thing 

           If $Variable = 17 Then

                     $OutCome = different thing


           FileOpen($file2, 0)

           Type in last line $Outcome

           Send (Enter) for a new line for next scenario to be played out and recorded





     ... : resetting all the other variables back to starting


I Hope this helps and if i need to clarify anything or if i missed something vital in my description then please let me know. thanks in advance.

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Hello @Jecht0dyssey

welcome to the forum.

When you want to process a whole file line by line pls. have a look at the function _FileReadToArray()


When posting code, pls use the according button in the edidor's pane here: Button "< >"

The code you posted has several function declarations nested into each other, which are not closed using "EndFunc". Use the SciTE Autoit customized editor and CTRL+t to bring up the messages poining out the missing function closings.

Functions should (have to?) be written in one block, one by another, not nested.




Regards, Rudi.

Edited by rudi

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My suggestion would be to use au3check first before tidy to get better autoit3 issues listed first, like NO Funcs within an Func.

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