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[Help] - I can't find the window's tab info on the Window app platform

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Hi Everyone

I'm a newbie. Currently I need to close a tab that is inside a window of a Window application. However, I cannot find the information of the close button or the tab that I want to close.

Below are images I got from AutoIt v3 Window Info and including AUISpy.

I've searched all the topics on forums and Google but still can't find it. I am very grateful for your help.

Thanks very much.

P/s: Some information on the photo is covered because it belongs to the business. And AutoIT was my first programming language.image.thumb.png.4488fff221881768649cfb630f56aab4.png



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5 hours ago, GMK said:

Is there a keyboard shortcut that could close the tab, such as Ctrl+W?

Thank you but it doesn't work. Ways that I have tried:
- CtrlGetHandle
- GUICtrlTab_FindTab
- Shortcuts like Ctrl + W
- Defined by UIASpy and AutoIT Window Info

I found a suggestion to use the DLL to define the TabItems index. But I don't know what to do.

Thanks for reading.

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