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VNC Key Protector

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Who often works with different VNC connections looks for a possibility to fast connect by a single klick. First solution seens to be a batch file. With this script you can start the Vncviewer.exe with parameters - inclusive password. If a secure connection is wished (Ultr@VNC DSM-Plugin) the rc4.key file must be included, in addition.

Unfortunately, the password stands in plain English in the text file and also the rc4.key file (DSM-Plugin) lies unprotected on the PC. If more than one person is using the PC it's a security risk. If you store the connecting data on USB-Stick you have to watch out not to forget it or let unobserved. The files are copied in seconds. As necessary action you have to change all passwords on the target PCs and must generate new rc4.key files.

To defuse this situation i wrote VNC Key Protector.

Posted Image

When the program starts you must insert a Masterpassword. This password is used to en-/decrypt all files and data. Encryption is a difficult theme so i let do Dlock2 by Michael Paul Johnson make the work. A commandline tool.

In the GUI you can define the most importance settings and the path of the rc4.key file. After inserting a profile name a klick on [ Save Profile ] will save it. Thereby all settings (INI-file), the rc4.key file and the notes (TXT-file) will be encrypted and saved in the 'ConnectionSafe' folder.

To load a profile klick on the [ Load... ] button. All saved data will be decrypted in the folder 'OpenConnections\Profilname\' and appear in the GUI.

When you klick the [ Connect ] button all settings in the GUI will be merged to a connection string and passed to VNCviewer.exe to start. So, after loading the profile you are able to change some things.

Closing the Programm will delete the whole 'OpenConnections' folder - only the encrypted files will survive. In the case of a programm crash (never happend when i used it) it's enough to delete the folder.

Source is included.

For more look ->here.

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Wolfgang F├╝hrer

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