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how can I see values of variables during run?

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I like using TrayTips, because they don't pause the script like msgboxes do. I believe you can also do trace and debug trace, but I don't know how they work as I've never used them.

SplashText might also be an option for you to consider - you can put multiple lines in 1 text window.

I also just thought of a potential idea - not sure how practical it would be though.

You could rig up a hotkey (or adlib function) to write the values of all variables and constants to a txt file. That would be good to get all the info down at once, especially if there are a large number of variables. However, it's not real-time, so it would be a little hard to check if the variables contain the values they should.

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A sample from your other thread:

    $pos1 = MouseGetPos()
    ToolTip("$pos1 " & $pos1[0] & ", " & $pos1[1])
    $pos2 = MouseGetPos()
    ToolTip("$pos1 " & $pos1[0] & ", " & $pos1[1] & @CR & _
            "$pos2 " & $pos2[0] & ", " & $pos2[1])
Until $pos1[0] = $pos2[0] And $pos1[1] = $pos2[1]


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