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Recreating LMG's MarkBench pipeline in AutoIt


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Recently, Linus Tech Tips teased their game benchmarking and data processing pipeline in a video:


It seems like their tech stack is a cruft of different frameworks and languages shoehorned together, and, since their benchmarking is done on Windows anyways, seems to be literally the best use case for AutoIt there could possibly be.

This could potentially be a "halo project" for demonstrating the versatility of Autoit as the "glue for the Windows platform" -- I'm especially mindful of this thread by @Dana86 illustrating the need for a halo project to establish credence in the tech mindshare.

Would there be any interest in a project for Chinese-walling the functionality together? I'm especially curious to know what different domain knowledges we could assemble together as a community to handle the different components of the pipeline -- I for one mainly specializes in data analysis and interfacing with Windows APIs.

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