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Add built-in code signing to ScITE?


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In order to codesign a script while compiling it, it's possible to add a command to the Run After tab, but when I do this, I always have to switch manually to the box where Windows asks for permission to run the program. This is only an inconvenience, but other IDEs make the process smoother by including a built-in option to specify a code-sign command so that you don't have to switch focus and click a box. An example of this is InnoScript Studio for compiling InnoSetup installation scripts.

Is there any hope that this could be include in ScITE in the future? I'm already so grateful for what ScITE does that I'm perfectly happy with what I have now, but I hope this might be a useful addition.

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@steve8tch That works perfectly. Thank you. Instead of running signtool.exe, directly in the Run After field, I had been using a compiled AutoIt executable that runs the signtool.exe command with the required parameters, and the workflow got interrupted by the prompt asking me to run the file. Your solution avoids the interruption. Thank you again.

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