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_AD_IsAccountExpired error

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Hello Water,


When I use _AD_IsAccountExpired to check if an account is expired, I get the error message error = 2 @extended = -2147352567

When I use _AD_GetObjectProperties for the same user I'm able to see  the details , and I look at the accountExpires field is see 1601/01/01 00:00:00

Any ideas what I missing when using the AD_IsAccountExpired function that would generate the extended error 

UDF Version and windows version details below

UDF Version ...:

Windows 10 21H2 x64 

Error details when setting _AD_ErrorNotify(1)

COM Error Encountered in search.au3
AD UDF version = 1.6.2
@AutoItVersion =
@AutoItX64 = 1
@Compiled = 0
@OSArch = X64
@OSVersion = WIN_10
Scriptline = 3319
NumberHex = 0x80020009
Number = -2147352567
WinDescription = Exception occurred.
Description = 
Source = 
HelpFile = 
HelpContext = 0
LastDllError = 0

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