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HTTP post with AutoIt and CGI how to do that? - (Moved)


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Hi, I want to validate an html form with AutoIt and CGI. I found an http server writen in autoit, and my plan was a form validation with Autoit so I could throw accessible msgbox messages and use a WebView, so, uin conclusion, use AutoIt instead of Electron and similar technologies. The situation is how to access a post data. The server and client will be running in the client machine, here's what I tried.

The html input has a name and a value. Doing something like this gives an error, the $_POST variable is not pressent or not accessible. The code is not exactly what I put, but it is similar. Can someone correct it or tell what is wrong?

if $_POST['text'] != "1" Then
    msgbox(16, "result", $_POST['text'])
As a server, I use this


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