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Help!! Creating simple pre set text to paste

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Hello, sooo first off my company laptop wouldn't allow me to have other macro software but this I guess so far. 
Anyways I just need help using it to paste a pre set text I want with a letter or symbol I can assign myself to use for that txt to be pasted wherever I choose to.

For example: I want to use letter "F" once then space and I want the computer to paste a word Ex: "ok!" How do I program it to do that? I was about to get a headache tying it myself and I keep getting an error saying "Error parsing function call". So if anyone can give me a step by step instruction from the very beginning with what to click or whatever please do cuz idk if the actual company computer is restricting something or I'm doing something wrong.. I don't even know how to activate the thing to make those word come up, I'm just literally lost rn but I don't wanna give up cuz once I get this figured out it will make my work so much easier. Please help! 

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small minds discuss people average minds discuss events great minds discuss ideas.... and use AutoIt....

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