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Exchange 2003 Queue monitoring

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I have a query as to how I might be able to check how many files and the size of all the files in the exchange 2003 queue directory. I'm not sure if the way to do it would be using DirGetSize and trying to find

$array[0] = Size

$array[1] = Files count

or whether it can be read by RegRead. I would idealy want this to have a GUI with a progress bar or some indication of levels and a mechanism for real time updating every 5 - 10 seconds or whatever I choose.

Later on I would probably require a messaging option when threasholds were exceeded but not essential just yet.

This would also need to connect remotely to the server as it would essentially be a console.

Someone's help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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I am relatively new to AutoIT and have just fiddled around with the help file.

I have figured I could use the below:



$size = DirGetSize("Mail Queue Directory", 2)

$dirsize = Round($size / 1024 / 1024)

ProgressOn( "Exchange Server Queue size", "(Rounded to the nearest MB)" )

ProgressSet( $dirsize, $dirsize & "MB")


Until $dirsize > 100






The progress only goes up to 100 and I assume that would be OK for now.

But this is only a progress bar that I cannot stop until the threashold is met and then it closes or killed by the task manager.

How can I get this into an application window with multiple progress bars for different servers.

Anyones help please?

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