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I need help


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Hi guys !

im kinda new here and idk how everything works but yea...

I need a script that :

open a file (example.mp3)

open another file(example.mp4)

ctrl a

ctrl c

close example.mp4

create a note in a file ( exmplefile)

ctrl v

save it at a random name

and finnally start a .bat file


ik it will may take alot of time but i would appreciate the help alot


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Look at the followiing functions in help file:

  • ShellExecute - to open .mp3/.mp4 with associated program
  • ControlSend or Send - for Ctrl+a and Ctrl+c
  • FileOpen - Open new text file in write mode using @Year&@Mon&@MDay&@Hour&@Min&@Sec.txt
  • FileWrite - Write to the new text file
  • FileClose - Close the new text file
  • Run - Run the batch script alternatively add the batch script into Autoit script.
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  • Developers
49 minutes ago, Babw_1 said:

the thing is that i dont know how to create a script

The thing is that you need to learn some basics first then...which will take some time to learn, but such is life. ;) 

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4 hours ago, Babw_1 said:

yea i know and im already trying to learn some things. i just need help to tell me what to do and how

This forum is dedicated to helping folks with their own scripts, so there is an expectation that you put forth some actual effort to read the help file, search for answers, and try things out on your own. No one is going to spoon-feed it to you; if they did, you would never understand it.

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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