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Capture output of a .BAT file inside AutoIt...


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I am back with Autoit after 15 years... I have forgotten many basics it seems, but this one I am ashamed of asking!  I can't figure it out...


I am running a BAT file from within AutoIt.  The BAT file with output some simple text when I run it in the windows shell console, for example:

C:\Program Files\tos428cl>tos428cl.bat getport

The resulting text is "COM6".

How can I use @ComSpec to obtain the resulting text (COM6) and capture it in a variable?


I tried:

$comportRequested = Run(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & """" & $PathTOS428cl & "tos428cs.bat""  getport""", $PathTOS428cl, @SW_HIDE)

however when I read value from $comportRequested it gives me back a different number each time, like 1162, 1728, etc..



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Thanks.  Still not sure about adding snippet code includes...  my main code is 30 lines, so Im looking to just add a few lines and learn how to do it.

I realize now I am looking at the PID number thanks :)

Can you help me rewrite that code of mine to capture the output of the BAT file instead?

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I said BAT to be generic...  its actualy an EXE that runs in command line mode.     I would really like to simply catch the output ins a few lines, but if that's not realistic I will find another way.  not trying to error handle much etc.

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