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How to activate a running session of Edge


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Is it possible to activate a running WD session of Edge?

I have made a GUI that pops up after the Edge browser has finished loading.

But then I want to go to another webpage by a click in the GUI.

I believe I need something like WinWaitActivate...

Is there a session id that I can call?

Also found something here that might help me, but I did not figure out how it should be for Edge.


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It would probably be best to post in that linked thread for WebDriver if you're looking for support for it.


Also with a quick search, you may need to download the WebDriver Driver for Edge: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/webdriver/

I don't know anything about Edge/WebDriver myself, but just wanted mostly to mention that you'll likely have better responses if you post in that Help & Support thread for WebDriver specifically.


Edit: Also, it's recommended that you post some example code or part of what you're working on so that someone else can run it and test it, to give feedback/suggestions that will work for you.

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