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Clock to enter data - (Moved)


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Hi All, long time lurker, first time poster.

I've found some great information in the forums, and am wanting to increase my functionality a bit. I currently have a GUI that has dropdowns and text fields. In those fields, users are able to fill in information like their name, and use dropdowns to select dates/times. I'm currently populating the dropdowns from an ini file so I can update it on the fly if needed (although dates/times are pretty static, I just enjoy the ease of managing a single file instead of rummaging through code and changing data in multiple places...i digress).

I'm interested to know if there is a clock feature (similar to how smart phones will present a clock, and users can click on hours then minutes and it'll set the time) image.png.feda72dc69d4a84021dd6629161178fe.png

Most of the stuff I'm finding when searching the forums are related to using timers or getting system time, so just curious if this functionality exists in AutoIT/SciTE. If it doesn't, then no biggie, I'll still manage the list of 24 hours, but trying to plan for a more granular look of having potential start times on the half hour, so a list of 48 items may be too much for the users to easily view.

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