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WMI equivalents to WMIC


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I'm trying to do away with using WMIC (since it's deprecated). One example is the following:

wmic path win32_UserProfile Where SID="<SID>" Delete

Generally I'll use something like:

$WMIObj.ExecMethod("Class", "Method", "Params")

But there's no method to call that performs the delete. Is there just an Exec versus ExecMethod? If so, how/where do I find the syntax?

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Even in the absolute latest Insider Windows 11 build 25284, WMIC still exists.
They only deprecated the system PATH variable.
I still use it but insert the full path in my command as such,

@SystemDir & '\wbem\WMIC.exe

(only tested on Windows Pro - I have no access to Home versions)

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Fair point. Windows 11 is at least 2 years away on our roadmap. 

I've only ever used pro and enterprise so I can't speak to home editions either. I'd guess it's either not present or disabled since MS leaves out so much in those versions. 

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