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Uncompiled Script on Start Up?

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I know it is possible to start a compiled script on start up very easily using the start up folder. However, Is there a way I can start a script on start up that is not compiled? 

Getting my .exe files approved by IT is a pain. This is why I would like to avoid the compile if possible. 

My only idea is to create a .exe that launches other autoit scripts. that way I only have to get one .exe approved if that makes sense. I am hoping there might be a more eligant way. 

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@Danp2 That is a pretty neat thread and approach to doing things, thanks for linking it, I may not have seen it otherwise.


Another option for @SkysLastChance would also be to get the AutoIt3.exe (or AutoIt3_x64.exe) itself approved, and then you could use a .bat or shortcut to call an uncompiled script or compiled as .a3x. 

.bat file would look something like: 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\AutoIt3_x64.exe" "C:\Users\User\Documents\AutoIt\DoSomething.a3x"


Though I doubt that IT would approve the AutoIt exe itself... That Au3toCmd really seems like a good option. Also if you're able to get the AutoIt exe approved or AutoIt installed, you don't even need to compile as .a3x, the .au3 file will work using the same syntax with a .bat file or a shortcut in the startup folder.



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