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Adjust Windows and Controls Size/Position in your running Script


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I've found this useful in adjusting window and control sizes and positions in my programs (and in fact writing this program).

The file: _WindowControlOperationsUDF.au3 contains the UDF

The file: Example for _WindowControlOperationsUDF usage.au3 is an example how to use it.  #include UDF in your program at the top and put _WindowControlOperations() in your While 1 loop as shown in example file.  That's it.  Run your program and press Alt+W to start it up.  Instructions pop up and I think it's pretty easy to use.

It records the results in an array that you can use for then putting back into your program.

Extensive comments (and history) however that's the way I code.  Any comments/suggestions welcomed.

Example for _WindowControlOperationsUDF usage.au3 _WindowControlOperationsUDF.au3

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