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Visual Basic

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is there a way that i can combine autoit with VisualBasic to make a program using a script from autoit?

oh and also, although its offtopic of visual basic,...

does anyone know any programs that functions similarily to autoit?

(all i need is maybe another program that lets me move the mouse, click the mouse and maybe send keys)


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From the autoit3 home page: http://www.hiddensoft.com/autoit3/

There will also be updates to the ActiveX and DLL versions of AutoIt called AutoItX3 - unlike v2 this will be a combined control (COM and standard DLL functions in the same DLL).  AutoItX3 will allow you to add the unique features of AutoIt to your own favourite scripting or programming languages! (AutoItX3 is currently in beta, the files can be downloaded here).

SciTE4AutoIt3 Full installer Download page   - Beta files       Read before posting     How to post scriptsource        Forum Rules
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