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How to detrmine if running Tablet PC version of XP?

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I need to determine if a machine is running the TabletPC version of Windows XP.

The AUtoIt macros just report Windows XP.

I came across a solution which requires linking to a DLL file. I have no experience whatsoever with it.

I have installed the newest AutoIt beta because I know it is able to link to DLL files but I don't know what to do with ti :lmao:

Here is the C++ code. WOuld anyone be able to port this to Autoit code? Thanks!

Here is what I found online:

Import User32.dll and then call GetSystemMetrics with the value '86'.

const int SM_TABLETPC = 86; 
private static extern int GetSystemMetrics(int nIndex); 

private void btnIsTablet_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) 
 if (GetSystemMetrics(SM_TABLETPC) != 0) 
  MessageBox.Show("Yes, this IS a tablet"); 
  MessageBox.Show("No, this IS NOT a tablet"); 

Make sure you add "using System.Runtime.InteropServices;"

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OK, I think figured it out :lmao:

Dim $result
Const $TabletPC = 86

$result = DllCall ( 'user32.dll', 'int', 'GetSystemMetrics', 'int', $TabletPC )

If $result[0] = 1 Then
    MsgBox ( 0, 'Debug', 'TabletPC!' )
    MsgBox ( 0, 'Debug', 'NOT TabletPC!' )

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