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InetGet: Using "Jokers" possible?

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I am trying to make a script wich download a file from a ftp but the last 4 charachters are counting up on random moments. Is it possible to use jokers like ???? or ****.

I have a batch script with ftp.exe wich does the work but i want to convert it to AutoIT for nice GUI etc ;)

ProgressOn('Downloading', '')
Local $netDnFileSize = InetGetSize("ftp://ftp.mcafee.com/pub/antivirus/superdat/intel/sdat4685.exe")
InetGet("ftp://ftp.mcafee.com/pub/antivirus/superdat/intel/sdat4685.exe", "C:\test\Antivirus\SDAT.exe", 1, 1)
While @InetGetActive
    ProgressSet((@InetGetBytesRead / $netDnFileSize) * 100, '', 'Download is' & "  " & Round((@InetGetBytesRead / $netDnFileSize) * 100) & '% voltooid')

For everyone wondering this downloads the sdat wich you can extract and uses as a one time scan to clean a system of virusses :lmao:

But the name sdat4685.exe will be updated at least one time every week. In the batch script i used ???? but AutoIT won't get it.

Any suggestions or some directions?

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Why don't you go to the web page where the downloads are showing using AutoIT (hint: the IE.au3 thread has a lot of info - thanks Dale!) and parse that page to look for the latest file name and then you have the exact file name to plug into your FTP source.

Of course you will have to use the beta version of AutoIT (you know that already).

Alternatively, why not use the internal update mechanism present in McAfee?


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I would like to use such things, but i am not an advanced programmer.

The future of this method is that you can clean a infected pc. Normally if a pc is infected a good virus disables the virus scan and you can't do a **** with it :lmao:

But i will look at the IE.au3 thread and hopefully its simple enough to understand for me.

But if i can use Wildcards this problem will be solved for now and i will try it with the IE.au3.


Where can i find the IE.au3 thread? :">

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