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SciTE double text entry.


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Occasionally I'm typing into SciTE and the text is entering in two places.  One is the correct place and the other is somewhere else on the screen.  I think it happens after a copy and paste, and possibly I've accidentally touched the laptop mousepad.  I've also seen it paste into two places.  I've tried to reproduce it but can't.

Anyone else seen this?




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You can paste at multiple places when for example you select the first range, then press CTRL & Select a second range with the mouse and then PASTE. You see that the PASTE operation is done for both selected ranges.

Set selection.multiple to make multiple selections with the mouse by holding down the Ctrl key.
Set selection.additional.typing to 1. to allow typing, backspace and delete to affect all selections including each line of rectangular selections. When set to 0, typing only affects the main selection.
Set selection.multipaste to 1 to paste at all selections. If set to 0, the paste will only be inserted at the last selection.


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