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Use of external text list

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I'm here at a customer of us which have a challenge. They want to have a program to check for windows that are active to be closed such as setup or messengers or something like that. Is it possible for Autoit to use an external txt list for the windows names ?

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I wrote a program in autoit specifically for that. With it you can pass a delimited argument to the program via shortcut, command line, etc and if any of those programs are open it will either open or close them depending on the switch used. It also has a gui to act as a task manager. I upload it shortly.

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Here it is. There are 2 example shortcuts, 1 to open notepad and calc, the other to close them. You will have to change the path to where ever you put TaskCmd.exe. It uses an ini file included. The agument list for opening programs can be just the executable name if it is in the path, full path otherwise. Closing programs only needs the program name.


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