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Obj = Object , I know .. But , If an other progam use objects as example there is one that called Me , Can i read it with autoIT ? As example , Can you read me.ping as value? If its true , Can i write?

different programs use different objects. in vbscript, the keyword 'me' refers to the object currently being acted upon, or the program if in a general function. 'me' is not actually the object name, i'd say to check out the OLE/COM viewer (download and installation instructions are in the autoit beta helpfile) so that you can see the names of the objects and access them directly.
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Diablo II , Your char is called Me , This has a var ping , ObjectName is me , Vabirable called ping

hmm... i actually don't have that game. I can see when i get home if i'm able to borrow a copy from someone to see if i can whip up a solution. In the example that you give though, it seems like "Me" is not being used as a keyword but as an object of the program, but that still doesn't guarantee that the game has allows outside programs to access that (or any other) object.
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