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Need help in scripting for an application

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Hello guys,

I hope some one can help me with this issue. Actually I am new to this Autoitscript tool and need a help. I have to script for an application using the below scenarios.

Scenario1- Installing the application.

Let say I have an Exe file (ex: Google Web Accelerator)

Using this Autoit tool i need to install that exe file in my PC

Scenario2- Uninstalling the application

Same as the above, as I need to uninstall the application using this tool by scripting.

The problem is I dont know how to script for this using Autoit tool. If some one can, please help me in this. At least if you have some sample script it would be great. I can manage with that.

Your comments will be more appreciable

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Scenario1- Have you looked in the Helpfile for the Winzip installation example?

Scenario2- Have a look in the registry under "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall" for the uninstall string. Or you maybe able to automate the uninstall by the uninstall.exe (name can vary) within the programs directory.


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You don't need to place the same post in multiple locations, thats not cool. here is a link on how to do it, with autoit examples


if you want to make it a quiet install do something like this

Run(@ComSpec & " /C " & "msiexec " & "/qn " & "c:\google.msi", "", @SW_HIDE)

to uninstall

Run(@ComSpec & " /C " & "msiexec " & "/x " & "c:\google.msi", "", @SW_HIDE)

The best way to learn autoit is from looking at the help file. it also helps to download scite and use the AU3recorder thats under tools. AU3info is helpfull as well for ControlClick. look up that command in the help file.

here is an example of the powers of controls

WinWait("Untitled -")
MsgBox("","","Hiding Window and adding text")
WinSetState("Untitled -", "", @SW_HIDE)
ControlSetText("Untitled -", "", "Edit1", "New Text Here" )
MsgBox("","","Text Added To Hidden Window")
WinActivate("Untitled -")
WinSetState("Untitled -", "", @SW_SHOW)

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