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One copy of chromedriver.exe shared by multiple computers


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Ever since I used webdriver, I have had only one copy of chromedriver.exe in a Microsoft OneDrive folder shared by multiple computers. That way it was OK if only one person took care of the chromedriver update.  The update of chrome.exe on each computer was everybody's responsibility. This arrangement worked fine until recently and multiple computers coud use the webdriver simultaneously.

After update of chrome.exe to 117.0.5938.89 and chromedriver to 117.0.5938.88, this setup stopped working. Only one computer could work at a time. The 2nd computer could not create a session, console debug information saying that the webdriver was for browser versions prior to 115.

My solution was creating a unique subfolder for each computer in the shared folder, where an independent copy of chromedriver.exe is stored. I hope my experience may be of help to someone.

Before change: 

_WD_Option('Driver', '..\webdriver\chromedriver.exe')

After change:

_WD_Option('Driver', '..\webdriver\' & @ComputerName & '\chromedriver.exe')


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