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Deleting -then-Creating a Folder


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Good day,

It is necessary/required to have a pause between a folder/file deletion and a folder copy process? For example:

DirCopy("E:\Master_Backup\Type_1\session_name\Sessions", "G:\Session_Master\Sets\Intro_Outro", $FC_OVERWRITE)

As I really am not sure what to look for in the HelpFile, I thought that it might be appropriate to ask here in the Forum...

It would be helpful to know if a process must first complete before,,. shall we say, "move on".

Thank you for any assistance that one may provide.

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Code is executed line by line and when the execution is complete will move to next line. This is the default behavior. Exception are functions that might take some time to complete, like ShellExecute(), Run(), ProcessClose(), etc. But these function have also versions that will wait for execution to complete: ShellExecuteWait(), RunWait(), ProcessWaitClose(), etc. In your specific case there is no need to wait.

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