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Interaction with Java via IE

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We use a piece of software at work (Remedy) that is completely Java based. The interface is extremely clumsy and non-user-friendly, so I would like to build an AutoIt GUI to interface with it by interacting with Remedy's windows for me. One example of what I want to do is once I have submitted a change ticket for a whole boatload of computers and decide I have to change something, I can't just change it on the parent ticket. I have to open each and every ticket associated with the parent ticket and modify them individually, clicking several times and waiting for additional windows to pop up where I click OK or whatever. This is extremely time-consuming.

We use IE to login and load the initial Java interface, and from there we click on something and other windows pop up. These windows have the Java icon in their title bar and appear on the Windows task bar. I've tried using AutoIt Window Info, but it tells me the window class is "javax.swing.JFrame" and no control ID's or classes for the forms I'm presented with.

It seems obvious to me that the reason I can't read the form fields and controls on these dialogs is that Java is drawing the whole thing and is not using Windows API to draw them. Admittedly, I have not messed with the IE automation UDF's on the forum to try to troubleshoot this, as they all seem to use IE's functions to access form fields and I know Java is handling that for this application.

Does anyone know how to interact with a Java applet like this other than using Send commands or mouse clicks?

I know this is pretty vague, but I'm not sure what other info you might need to help me with this.

*EDIT* LOL I didn't notice the post about AutoIT and java Applet before I posted this. I'll check it out and see if it's of any help.

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