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The strange font Color of SciTE4

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I've downloaded the autoIT3 and SciTE,  The font is flashing. It is very hard for me to read. Is there any way to change the font color ,stop flashing?


Thany you

Strange Font.png

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I haven't seen this before but would try with starting to play with this setting adding it to SciTEUser.properties:

technology On Windows Vista or newer, this can be set to 1, 2 or 3 to use the Direct2D and DirectWrite APIs for higher quality antialiased drawing or 0 to use the older GDI. The default is 1. The value 2 causes the frame to be retained after presentation which may prevent drawing failures on some cards and drivers. 3 may also prevent drawing failures on some cards and drivers but with lower speed.


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Posted (edited)

For me, setting



helped me in a similar problem, but try all the options Jos posted above if not.

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LibreOffice UDF  ; Scite4AutoIt Spell-Checker Using LibreOffice


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