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Has anyone explored the feasibility of making a compiled AU3 time or use limited? LIke some form of copy protection? Realize this may be a moot point if a decompiler ever materializes....Or is this against the idea of using AutoIt since it in itself is freeware so all things produced by it should be generally available to everyone? I'm not that familar with opensource and freeware projects so I am curious if the children of such a project, such as compiled AU3 scripts, inherit these traits from the parent such as AutoIt? Please don't flame to much as I am genuinely interested in the answer to this question. Thanks!

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You can make it read INI files, or have it read a reg entry, and calculate thus time. So if you wanted it to work until June, you could have it do a simple FileGetTime of some system file, and also some ini setting.

If you really want to get complicated, have it read some system info and make a encrypted key, and then they send you that key, and you give them a passkey to get it to continue.

If you use a password, decryption will be a bit harder.

Anyway just a few ideas for ya...

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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