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is it posible to center an image

i already got this:

$destination = @ScriptDir & "\image.jpg"
SplashImageOn("Splash Screen", $destination,250,83,400,300,1)
WinSetTrans("Splash Screen", "", 500)

but thats almost centerd however is it posible on any resolution ? :lmao:

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Typed directly into the browser, but this should work :

SplashImageOn("Splash Screen", $destination, _

(@DesktopWidth / 2) - (400 / 2), (@DesktopHeight / 2) - (300 / 2), _

400, 300, 1)

I split the code to three lines as it was too long... I also used a quote-box instead of a

code-box to make colors work. I've also colored the width in blue and the height in red

to make it easier to understand.

Edited by Helge
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