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What command for a special [Button]

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I build an automatic install file. When i launch it, the install is closed (cancelled) after the second window.

Here the .au3 file command

WinWaitActive("Window Washer Setup")

;Accept License agreement
WinWaitActive("Installation de Window Washer", "I Agree")
ControlClick("Installation de Window Washer", "I Agree", "TButton4")

In fact, when the [i Agree] button is selected its outline become orange (color) and when is not selected the outline are white (see the image here bellow).

Ater looking closely the AutoIt Window Info, I noticed that the [i Agree] button is corresponding to Exit (see the image here bellow).

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<
Size:       X
Control ID: 67544
ClassNameNN:    TButton4
Text:       &Exit

Does anyone could help how do i get ride from this.



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The window title is wrong ?

WinWait("Window Washer Setup", "I Agree")

ControlClick("Window Washer Setup", "I Agree", "TButton4")

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TNX JdeB for reply,

The window title is wrong ?

I don't think so!!!

If you look closely to AutoIt Window Info >>>Visible Window Text<<< you'll notice 3 tetxs: "I Agree"; "&Cancel"; "PLEASE READ THIS AGReEMENT CAREFUlLY". Then, anyone of those text should be correct.

Anyway, I've tried this

WinWait("Window Washer Setup", "PLEASE READ THIS AGReEMENT CAREFUlLY")
ControlClick("Window Washer Setup", "PLEASE READ THIS AGReEMENT CAREFUlLY", "TButton4")
and this
WinWait("Window Washer Setup")
ControlClick("Window Washer Setup", "", "TButton4")
without success

Any advise/suggestion will be wellcome



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