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Hi All,

I'm just a newbie, but hopefully this little database will be an inspiration to other newbies of what AutoIT can allow a novice programmer to achieve. After you install it, go to the help for a description of what it does & why it is the way it is.

While I'm open to suggestions to improve it, I'm sure experienced programmers could write a book about how it should have been done! Please don't feel anyone has to spend the time going through the code to improve it unless they want to.

The installer is checked virus-free. The .au3 file is placed in the program directory as well as the compiled version.




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No Probs - should be on this post.

It won't run without its directory structure & data files that the installer creates for it though....



that really looks nice... and i would guess you have been on this for a while...

maybe post some pics.. that seems to get a little more attention by the appearance, some can tell how

"User-Friendly" programs appear

Again, Nice Job!!!



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