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How to use a hotkey to terminate a loop? program?

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To terminate a loop, I'd suggest having the hotkey function set a variable to 1, and then back inside the loop, have the condition that if the variable is 1, exitloop. Example:

HotKeySet ("{ESC}", "SetVarToOne")
Global $SpecialVar = 0

While 1
     sleep (100)
     If $SpecialVar = 1 Then Exitloop

Func SetVarToOne()
     $SpecialVar = 1
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I am a nub at this stuff. How could I use a hotkey to stop a loop? How about terminate a program?

help has a great example exactly as you have requested..

go to Help and search the "topics" for "Pause" ..

You will see HOTKEY open that one


Take a look at "Welcome to AutoIt 1-2-3" .. here


This Interactive Demo has lots of Demonstrations



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