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While this UDF was workable solution, not sure for now, and this is very slow anyway. I suggest you try Ward's Base64 UDF. I tried it on your file and succesfuly got zip archive with two files. This is test example I used:

#include "base64.au3"

$sBase64 = FileRead("2_Slavinka4_per_7.zip.txt")

$bOutput = _Base64Decode($sBase64)

$hFile = FileOpen("output.bin", 2+16)

FileWrite($hFile, $bOutput)

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Hi , just an FYI
I replaced the declaration to:

Func _Base64Encode($s_Input, $b_WordWrap = True, $s_ProgressTitle = '')

and deleted:

If $b_WordWrap = '' Then $b_WordWrap = True


$b_WordWrap was being always TRUE for me, even when I set it to FALSE.

I believe this is because "empty string " = FALSE

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