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For $a in $b loop slow

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Here is the code I am using:

-------START CODE-----------

Func Update_Current_CPU()

$colItems = $objWMIService.ExecQuery ("SELECT * FROM Win32_Processor", "WQL",_

$wbemFlagReturnImmediately + $wbemFlagForwardOnly)

For $objItem In $colItems


GUICtrlSetData($Group1,"Current CPU Load: " & $objItem.LoadPercentage)



---------END CODE------------

I have anrrowed the problem down to the For/Next loop. I can comment out the GUICtrlSetData line, and it still taked over 2 seconds to process the For loop. I used a TimeDiff to test just the $colItems command and it took 4/1000 of a second. The For loop took over 2 seconds to complete. During this time, the GUI is unresponsive.

I am running beta.

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I understand you post the function but how to call it regarding global variable used inside.

Can you post the calling sequence?

THanks :o

EDIT : move to support forum as there is no feedback

Edited by jpm

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