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How to Drag a file from Win Explorer and drop it to another Window?

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I need to drop a file to a specific area on an application's open window. It is not a MS program and use many non-ms control and icon based interaction.

Right now, I can open this application to full screen and can find the coords of the destination area for dropping the file but I have touble finding the coords for the source file.

Here is what I have done:

I use the following code to open a Win explorer:

Run( "explorer.exe C:\")

WinWaitActive("C:\", "", 5)

ControlSetText("C:\", "", "Edit1", $workingDirectory)

ControlSend("C:\", "", "Edit1", "{ENTER}")

and the following code to select the source file I want:

$fileIndex =ControlListView($workingDirectory, "", "SysListView321", "FindItem", $sourceFile)

ControlListView($workingDirectory, "", "SysListView321", "Select", $fileIndex)

ControlFocus ( $workingDirectory, "", "SysListView321" )

But now what do I do? how do I find the coords for the source file so I can drag it to the destination?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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