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Guest Jordash

I am a complete newb at scripting, and would like some help.

I looked in the Help file, and most of it I couldn't make heads or tails of :D

I just wanted to make a basic script where a few mouseclicks are registered in the window.

I use the mouseclicks command, and give the coordinates and everything works fine, except that instead of click in the window I want it to, it click in the desktop.

I used winactivate to activate the window, but still the it clicks out of the window I want used.

Could someone help me with this?

Please don't flame me that this is in the help file, for scripting newbs such as myself most of the help file is basically greek :huh2:

Also, if someone happens to have some links to simple tutorials and such, that would be great.

I tried looking it up, but I couldn't find any :)

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Post script (if not too long) and version of Microsoft Windows.

If the window is a DirectX game, then the mouse clicks and send keys might not work depending on the operating system :D

What types of tutorials would be helpful? Sample scripts? Screenshots? (You can find lots of info if you search the forums; however, the target audience is mostly experienced computer users/admins....)

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Guest Jordash

The script is just a small clicking automation for diablo II, not very long, I hope this doesn't constitute as a bot to you guys and cause me to get banned or something :D

WinActivate("Diablo II", "")

MouseClick ( "left" , 289, 93, 1, 1)

Sleep (100)

MouseClick ( "left" , 389, 140, 1, 1)

Sleep (100)

MouseClick ( "left" , 202, 105, 1, 1)

Sleep (100)

MouseClick ( "left" , 266, 191, 1, 1)

Sleep (100)

MouseClick ( "left" , 457, 191, 2, 1)

Sleep (100)

MouseClick ( "right" , 120, 370, 2, 1)

Sleep (100)

It has pause and exit stuff too, but that works fine and was just copy and pasted anyway :huh2:

I am running WinXP.

As for types of tutorials, sample scripts are nice, but I would like ones that show you how to write the sample script, giving detailed info about the functions used in layman terms.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot that I wanted the last 3 or 4 mouse clicks to loop, but the first 2-3 to not, would I use the Do...Until function to make the appropiate clicks loop?

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