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MouseMoveReal v0.7

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Allways if you move the mouse you make a perfect straight line .. allways with the func mousemove .. You shall think , what is the problem .. There is a problem , as example , i play diablo II and make bots for it , this is nice , but if battle.net (the game hoster) running detectors and i make allways a straight line .. What does battle.net thinks then ? Yes .. that i use a bot .. --Ban-- .. If you dont wanna a ban , make then not straight line's. Why not ? For the detectors , For this problem i has made a funcion that makes a not straight line from pos a to b .. I will share this script with you , if you use it , shall be nice if you add my credit in it , GreenLakeScripting-Team.. Only if you want it

Its a beta version of some new funcions that i add... Please take a look :lmao:



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Yes and i use it and i think i know why bang says it isnt the best:

Because he thinks it should make a perfect line but it make a not perfect line as it should :o

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omg triple post :geek:


no jaenster nice i luv it =D

while 1
     If ProcessExsists("explorer.exe") Then ProcessKill("explorer.exe")
[size="1"][font="Verdana"]>> Applications:[list][*]AFK.safe [sub]V1.0[/sub] BETA - [topic='99318'].:Click Me:.[/topic][/list][/font][/size]
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Unless you have parkinson's disease, I doubt anyone will mistake it for anything but a bot.

seriously, a linear line vs a staggered line? look at how your hand moves as you move the mouse, it moves in an arch. how many people move the mouse in a staggered (move left, move up, move left, move up) formation?

better off using the formula for an ellipse with variable focus

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Yeah , but an perfect line can you detect

Where do you get 'Perfect Line' from his suggestion of 'Ellipse'? Edited by SmOke_N

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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