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Various extenstions to _GuiCtrl...


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Sets or clears a Checkbox


Sets the items in a combo from elements in an array.


Sets the items in a list view from elements in an array.


Sets the items in a list view from elements in a two-dimensional array. filtering on the first dimension, and populating from the second.


Adds a Menu item for event driven handling


Creates GUICtrls, setting tips and events


Returns the Gui Control that has focus from the list of handles.


Renames the leftmost subitem for two rows in a listview


Swaps the entire row for two subitems in a listview, leaving the "key" subitem as is.

(Note the RETURN statements in some of these functions. They actually return the line of code where the problem occured. If you do contactenate RETURN results throughout your code you can create a stack trace when a program crashes with a predicted problem - great for debugging complex situations.)


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