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Version dependency calculator


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; _IsVer1GEVer2                         Returns true if $ver1 is greater than or equal to $ver2.  Both versions are of the form a.b.c.d, where a,b,c&d are integers.
; @error =1 if $ver1 is not stuctured properly
; @error =2 if $ver2 is not stuctured properly
; @error =3 if the abcd components are not proper integers.
Func _IsVer1GEVer2($ver1,$ver2)
    Local $arr1[5],$arr2[5]
    Local $n11,$n12,$n13,$n14
    Local $n21,$n22,$n23,$n24
    Local $ntot
    If $arr1[0] <> 5 Then
        Return False
    If $arr2[0] <> 5 Then
        Return False
    If $ntot<>8 Then
        Return False
    If $n11>=$n21 And $n12>=$n22 And $n13>=$n23 And $n14>=$n24 Then Return True
    Return False
EndFunc; _IsVer1GEVer2

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