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Delimited string library


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#Region Doc:

#Region Doc: Notes

; Provides "delimited list" support which is so, so useful to Au3 features such as GuiCtrlListView and almost every aspect of Au3 life.

; Au3 build or better.

; This library is one of a suite of extensions to Au3.

#EndRegion Doc: Notes

#Region Doc: Requirements

; Au3 build or better.

; <array.au3>

#EndRegion Doc: Requirements

#Region Doc: History

; 19-Feb-03 Als Updated _DelimListReplaceItem with a bugfix.

; 19-Feb-06 Als Renamed _DelimSplit to _DelimListSplit

; 19-Feb-06 Als Updated _DelimListSplit with optional delimiter argument, defaulting to GUIDataSeparatorChar.

; 19-Feb-06 Als Added _DelimListSort

; 18-Feb-06 Als Updated _DelimListGetIndex by adding optional case-sensitivity argument (defaulting to case-insensitive).

; 05-Feb-06 Als Added _DelimListSplit

#EndRegion Doc: History

#Region Doc: FunctionList

; _DelimListGetIndex Returns the index position of one string in a delimited string.

; _DelimListGetText Returns the text at an index position in a delimited string.

; _DelimListPadDelims Ensures that there are at least a certain number of delimiters in a string

; _DelimListReplaceItem Replaces a subitem in a string, such as one used in a ListView using StringReplaceby searching for the substring

; _DelimListSetItem Replaces a subitem in a string, such as one used in a ListView by occurence of delimiters in the string.

; _DelimListSort Returns a delimited list in sorted order

; _DelimListSplit Splits a delimted list into left and right at the specified occurence of delimter.

#EndRegion Doc: FunctionList

#EndRegion Doc:

PopG_Delim.au3 Previous downloads=22, last update 19-Feb-03

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