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String library extentions

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PopG_String.au3 (16 downloads of previous builds)

#Region Doc:

#Region Doc: Notes

; Extends String functionality

; You may ask, "Why write _StringBegins when there is StringLeft?" The answer is that _StringBegins makes straighforward and frequent comparison easy and accessible.

; You are allowed to freely use this code without restriction.

#EndRegion Doc: Notes

#Region Doc: Function list

; _StringBegins Returns true if a string begins with the substring

; _StringInsert2 Extends StringInsert to be able to repeat the inserts at every n'th position.

; _StringInStrCount Returns the number of occurences of a subscrting

; _StringReplaceRepeat Extends StringReplace to repeatedly replace while more occurences are found.

; _StringShowCtrlChars Returns string with control characters replaced with a visual representation.

; _StringSplit2 Splits a string in two parts, separated by the specified delimeter.

#EndRegion Doc: Function list

#Region Doc: Requirements

; Requires Au3 build or better

; Uses the array and string include libraries.

#EndRegion Doc: Requirements

#Region Doc: History

; 19-Feb-06 Als Added _StringBegins

; 18-Feb-06 Als Updated _StringShowCtrlChars and added optional args $Format, $Before and $After.

; 06-Feb-06 Als Added _StringInStrCount

; 16-Jan-06 Als Updated _StringSplit2: $OkLast functionality to added

#EndRegion Doc: History

#EndRegion Doc:

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