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global dynamic hotkeys?


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Is it possible to change the global hotkeys depending on which application window is focused?

Like if I open a new notepad window, ^T would type in the current time for me

then if I open a new word doc, the same ^T would type in my signature whenever I end a letter.

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Do I put the If...Then statement in the main body of the program?

While 1

or outside of it?

I tried using If WinActive but that resulted in an error in the main body. Isn't WinActive more appropriate for this since it checks if the app is frontmost rather than just exisiting amongst all the other windows?

Another thing is that if I set a hotkey to catch +a and want to fireoff sendkey("{UP}") I have to do SHIFT-DOWN-A, SHIFT-DOWN-A, SHIFT-DOWN-A to send 3 {UP} instead of SHIFT-DOWN-AAA

Kind of annoying, is there a workaround?

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